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THE YEAR 2010 (WORD GIVEN ON DEC. 31, 2009)

A greater shaking has begun and only the faithful in Christ will win. We have entered into a new decade of sorrows. It is the beginning of evil days, like we have never known or seen. It will take great courage to stand in this hour to keep our faith and declare victory. The shaking that is happening in the church is to separate the “goats” from the “sheep.” Joel prophesied about the “Day of the Lord”, that would be full of darkness, famine and destruction.


Devouring spirits will be released over the land to judge the wicked so God can bless the righteous. There will be great signs in the heavens that will manifest in the earth so that the fear and reverence of God can return to the hearts of his people. These are the days where judgment and recompense will meet, and the glory of the Lord shall cover the earth to reveal and to shield. The glory will reveal all hidden things that must be judged and shield the righteous from the judgment to come.

The Lord said that we will see many churches shut down and close their doors in order to merge sheep under pastors who have been called in this hour to create God´s governmental order. This will be done by bringing forth “Apostolic Houses” which will serve the totality of this New Testament dispensation by representing the full complement of the Ephesians 4:11 officers. New relationships shall be forged on every front. God is uniting us and making us one. Those who resist or rebel against what God is doing today will find themselves on the outside of grace…and what a great price they will have to pay.

Many will lose their minds and commit suicide because they refuse to trust in the Lord. Threats of terrorism and bombings will surely come but the Lord said “do not fear, just have faith for he shall protect his precious ones.” Shakings will occur in social, religious and economic arenas in order to bring us back to the original purpose of God´s laws. These laws were given to Moses to teach us how to govern our lives and we will be put back into remembrance of God´s commandments.

Ten is the number of God´s law, his commandments, order and the tithe. We will see the law of the tithe executed over people in this hour. Those who have not and do not obey Him in the tithe shall see devouring spirits invade their lives. Those who have trusted and obey God in this law shall experience the windows of heaven being open over their lives, pouring out blessings of increase, acceleration and overflow. Confrontations will take place like never before, as we are forced to confront the darkness within us in order to confront the darkness without.

The spirit of Elijah will come upon the people of God in this hour to give us prophetic prospection and boldness to take down the “Goliaths” in our lives as well as the god´s of this world. As love becomes cold in the hearts of many, the love of God shall grow strong in God´s radical army to reach lost souls who will change their choice (salvation) and be added to God´s body in the days to come.

Prophecy given by

Prophetess Cynthia Thompson

Jesus People Proclaim Int’l Ministries

Boca Raton, Fl12/31/09

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