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Dr. Cynthia Thompson is a multi-talented entrepreneur, speaker, life coach and spiritual advisor to corporate and global kingdom leaders. Anointed with a true apostolic and prophetic call, her desire is to impact the world by restoring, perfecting, building and training believers to fulfill their destiny.” In 2004, she founded and established Boca Raton’s first Prophetic Training Center and has an apostolic mandate to teach and train 5-fold ministry officers and marketplace leaders to operate in the fullness of their prophetic power and authority. The Training Center consists of the Prophetic School for adults and the School of the Gifts for children.  Furthermore, the Training Center sponsors 3-day Apostolic & Prophetic Intensive training seminars for churches, ministries and individuals throughout the United States and the world.

For more than 20 years, she studied the prophetic and now stands as a bonafide “master teacher”. Hundreds of Pastors, Corporate Executives, Government Leaders and people from varied walks of life and spheres of influence have traveled from across the United States and abroad to gain prophetic intelligence and understand both the spiritual and the supernatural spheres. Diverse in her gifting, she is the, publisher of the Woman You Will Magazine-a premier magazine of empowerment for women, author of bestselling The Power of a Prophetic Mindset and the Woman You Will Journal: a 40-Day Journey to Change.  She is also the creator of the aromatic beauty and fragrance line Ascension, which includes her soft and delicate signature fragrance “Release”.   

With all of the aforementioned, her greatest joy comes from being the mother of 5 beautiful children Geneva, Arnell, Mercedes, Billy Jr. and Micaiah. She along with her husband, former NBA great Billy Thompson, oversee a multi-cultural, diverse and progressively growing membership of believers which encompasses the Broward and Palm Beach County communities. 

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“My desire is to impact the world by restoring, perfecting, building,

and training believers to fulfill their destiny” - Dr. Cynthia Thompson

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